Israel Update – Reality, Politics and Israel – with guest Dr. Eugene Narrett

Reality, Politics and Israel.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Eugene Narrett from Columbia University about the subject “Reality Politics and Israel.” Dr Narrett is unique in both his insight and prospective not to mention quite bold in stating what he believes. This is without doubt one of the most profound times in the history of mankind with Barack Obama and a stacked deck as cabinet members with Israel on the chopping block. Listen to Dr. Narrett’s analysis of not only the USA in relationship to Israel, but also the western powers. All of this with war in Gaza and Israeli elections. This interview will cause you to think.

(This interview was intended to be posted a couple of weeks ago, but technical problems have delayed its posting until now. The information is still very relevant.)

Please visit Prof. Narrett’s site at and support his insightful research directly, or by purchasing his books.

NOTE: Part 1 is of inferior quality, but it is all we could recover.

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