Rabbi & Mrs. Chaim Richman US Tour

The Battle for Jerusalem has Begun!

From June 7th to the 23rd, Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem will be speaking in twelve cities in the heart of America. Click here for locations, dates, times and contact information.

Rabbi Richman will be speaking about the future of Jerusalem and how it will affect, not only Israel, but also the entire world and recently said:

“The Temple Institute is on the verge of some major breakthroughs, serious projects that will have an impact on Israeli society as a whole, on the world’s conception regarding Eretz Yisrael, Jerusalem, and the Holy Temple…”

“I have such important Torah to share, and feel that unquestionably this is the most important trip I’ve ever taken…”

Rebbetzin Rena Richman is an accomplished Torah teacher who has lived in Jerusalem with her family for close to 30 years. A mother and grandmother, she is also a certified counselor and family therapist, and her wisdom and guidance is in great demand in Israel. Her unique approach to understanding human relationships, based on a synthesis of Torah knowledge and psychology, has helped many spiritual seekers to reach their potential for a more wholesome and satisfying life. While her message is universal, she emphasizes the mission of today’s Jewish women to emulate the Matriarchs of Israel in taking their part to bring about the Redemption. The great sage of Israel, Rabbi Akiva, said “the Redemption from Egypt came about in the merit of the righteous women, and the future Redemption will also be in the merit of the righteous women.”

Rabbi & Rena Richman are looking forward to seeing you!

  • June 17 – Houston, Texas, Doors Open 7:00 PM – Lecture 7:30 PM
    (please note recent change in location)
    Hilton Hobby Houston Airport
    8181 Airport Blvd.
    Houston, Texas 77061
  • June 18 – Houston, Texas, 12:00 PM
    A women’s Torah class will be conducted by Mrs. Rena Richman on Friday, June 18th at noon. Please call 281-826-2264 for information and to help us prepare for your attendance.

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