We continue with our study of the Sanhedrin and their G-d given authority to set Halakah. Also discussed in this episode is the difference between a Sanhedrin decree and decisions that were made following the disbandment of the Sanhedrin.


The Siddur, prayer book, its function and benefit for its use. How the Siddur is based on the Service of the Temple and its Sacrifices.

El Siddur, Libro de Oraciones su funcion, y benficic de aprender a usarlo
El siddur esta basado en el Servicio del Templo y los sacrificios.


An introductory overview of the structure of Prayer. Its application based on the plans of the Temple and its service.

Vista general de como el servicio de la Oracion ha sido estructurado. y su aplicacion en base al Servicio del Templo.