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This Episode explores the Rise of Pharisees and Sadducees during the reign of the Hasmonean King Alexander Yannai. We also look at how the arrival of the Romans on the scene, the Pharisees spit into three groups: Beit Hillel, Beit Shammai, and the Essenes.


The Torah plainly instructs us to follow the halachot or rulings of the Sanhedrin. This edition of haSharim – The Gates, shows the Mishnah, Tosefta, and both editions of the Talmud and where these Sanhedrin decisions were recorded. Insights are given as to how to use each of these texts for your spiritual benefit.


We continue with our study of the Sanhedrin and their G-d given authority to set Halakah. Also discussed in this episode is the difference between a Sanhedrin decree and decisions that were made following the disbandment of the Sanhedrin.